Don’t forget to soak your nuts


It’s widely known that nuts in general are very healthy for us and full of protein, vitamins and nutrients. They are especially essential in vegetarian and vegan diets, working as an amazing source of protein. However I have found that it is not as prominently known that soaking our nuts before eating them is important in order to digest more easily and to fully absorb the nutrients with-in.

Look for example at how the skin of almonds separates when soaked. The skin of almonds can cause a great deal of bloating and discomfort when trying to digest, and gets in the way of the best part of the almond.

The same thing goes for walnuts for example, again the skin separates some when soaked, but a bit more work is required to get it all off. Give it a try! And notice how different they taste. So much sweeter, because the bitterness comes from the outside layer.

I recommend soaking nuts for a day or two at most, usually a couple of hours is sufficient, cashews requiring the least amount of soaking time I find. An hour or two for cashew nuts should suffice, they will become a bit softer.

If you plan to leave nuts in the fridge, over night works great but if you plan to leave them in the fridge longer, just be sure to change the water at least 2-3 times throughout the day to keep it fresh.

Enjoy, and feel free to leave me a comment to let me know what you think. Is this something you’ve done before? Is this something you’d be open to trying, or have tried with success and enjoyed? I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great day and enjoy!

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15 thoughts on “Don’t forget to soak your nuts

  1. Hey Brooke! I never knew that it was the skins that caused nuts to have that bitter flavor… or that it was so easy to soak them off. Thanks for this very practical tip!

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  2. This is great info! Do you soak before eating them raw or only when cooking with them? I keep nuts on my kitchen counter for a quick snack, I never thought about soaking them first. I have soaked before cooking with them, just not for eating raw. Thanks again for a great post 🙂

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    1. Perfect for anyway you’d like to prepare them, I especially like them raw. They’re fun to snack on this way too because you can just pop them into your mouth similar to the way you would eat edamame. Thanks for reaching out, glad you enjoyed the post.


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