Lumi ~ My Precious Best Friend


I am forever grateful to share in this life with you.


For years you have been a constant in my life.


A joy to be around,

A delight to come home to,

A gem of a best friend.


For years you have loved me unconditionally and trusted me to provide for you in every possible way.


Everyday I hope to provide the very best for you- my all.


Everyday I strive to be the best person that I can be and you remind and inspire me to be a better person.


A perfect playmate,

A precious Soul,

A gem of a best friend.


Thank you for teaching me to be more forgiving and gracefully being the embodiment of Divine Love.


You offer a wonderful example of how to love purely, presently and unconditionally.


You truly are my precious best friend.

9 thoughts on “Lumi ~ My Precious Best Friend

  1. Oh my gosh! I had a cat named Lumi for years! I have never heard anyone else name their pet that. Are you from Finland at all? We chose the name Lumi because it means snow in Finnish (where my dad came from). 🙂


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