Sunflower ‘Tuna’ on a bed of greens

Sunflower 'Tuna' over greens

In addition to making dishes of my own, usually from things I already have in the kitchen, I also enjoy recreating dishes I find online, or that I see in a book. I found a recipe for mock tuna online using mainly sunflower seeds and here’s a link to the recipe:

Instead of wrapping ‘tuna’ in collard greens I served  a scoop over a bed of greens and topped with tomatoes, hemp seeds, and crushed pecan pieces. It was very flavorful and a nice addition to a spinach and sprout salad.

I don’t know if the flavor is anything like real tuna, but I imagine there are some similarities. If you prefer to keep even just the thought animal products out of your dishes, then let’s call this one a sunflower spread of sorts shall we.

It’s worth a try!

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