Sweet Apple Ravioli



Inspired by Carol Brotman’s recipe in this cooking video. Check it out.

Cheat sheet:

1. Thinly slice apples (mandolin slicer works wonders).

2. Line a large bowl (glass works well) with layers of thin apple slices, drizzled coconut oil, sweetener of choice (ie maple syrup, honey or agave) and plenty of cinnamon between layers.

3. Let warm briefly in the dehydrator around 160 degrees while preparing the filling

4. Filling: in a food processor (worked best for me) blend pecans with maple syrup and water, adding water gradually until desired consistency in reached.

5. Prepare ‘ravioli’ by placing a dollop of pecan filling on an apple slice, and cover with an additional slice.

6. Dehydrate the apple ravioli on flat trays for a couple of hours and serve warm! Cold leftovers are delicious also, but def worth enjoying while they are warm. Dare I say, apple pie-esque!



Cheers to good health! 


I’ve made this recipe a number of times now and the family is always quick to devour it.

We hope you enjoy it too!



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