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Product Review: Bhakti Chai Tea

Bhakti Chai Tea

Thank you Bhakti Chai for the wonderful tea and opportunity to write my first ever product review!

I originally reached out to someone from the company asking if they would like to support my efforts in blogging by offering me something to review and they were kind enough to send me several coupons. The company has a beautiful array of products available, however options are limited here in stores on the East Coast, although hopefully not for long! I gave their Ready to drink Iced Chai a try and LOVED it! It’s incredibly flavorful and has a pretty strong fresh ginger taste that I really enjoyed. Unfortunately it was made with soy milk and I would have preferred to be able to try their almond milk variation.


I reached out again, asking if they knew of any locations near me currently carrying their almond milk option and although unfortunately there are not, they were increasingly generous to send me two beautiful canisters from their Dry Tea Collection as inspiration for some flavorful drinks/dishes of my own: Rooibos Chai (caffein free) & Green Tea Tulsi Chai (Naturally Occurring Caffeine).

My creativity is going to have to take over because I’d really like to create something unique and I’d also like to go all out and make something like this Bhakti Chai Vegan Cheesecake or this Bhakti Coconut Rice with Mangoes and Pistachios listed among many other recipes on their website. Everything looks delicious!

A lot of people I have over actually gravitate towards Bhakti Chai Tea whenever offered a cup. The gorgeous packaging really stands out and the container is filled with beautiful little pyramid bags. Both flavors smell and taste absolutely heavenly, they’re a real treat for the senses!


I recently shared a pot of tea with a Goddess Sister of mine. We used the Naturally Caffeine Free Rooibos Chai and simmered it with grated ginger, orange zest, candied ginger and dehydrated blueberries. We were delighted with the combination of flavors and felt soothed from the inside out.

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